Me and my blog

Who am I?

Born in South Korea where I spent the first years of my life, I was adopted by a Swiss family and grew up in Switzerland. At the age of 30, the pull of the big wide world became too strong to be satisfied with four weeks of vacation and the urge to do something “meaningful” made me venture to work as a humanitarian aid and development professional in countries such as South Sudan and Pakistan among others. My interests are wide-ranging and probably the same as those of many of you, basically what is going on in the world. I enjoy cooking and of course eating and am an avid crafter, in particular obsessed with knitting but I want to get better at sewing, too. I currently live as an accompanying spouse with my husband in Laos, in the small provincial town of Thakhek on the Mekong river.

What is sabas?

A palindrome is a word or sentence that reads the same forwards and backwards. Sabas has no meaning but stands for Sarah and Bastian, my and my husband’s name.

What is this blog about?

Every guide on how to be a successful blogger advises you to focus, to find a topic your passionate about to attract a specific audience and to sharpen the profile of your blog. It makes perfect sense and I wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately, I am not one to heed even ever so sound advice.

In this blog, I will share my personal everyday experiences, successes and challenges of my life. Everything that I find interesting, touching, enraging, whatever I want to share with you, whatever takes my fancy at the moment, whatever makes me tick. Maybe, through time, the blog will develop a specific focus. I am on a journey, so will this blog be. Let’s see where we go.

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